Sunday, 22 February 2009


It's the end of the school year right now, so the 7 year old kids will be leaving us and starting school from March. This means they graduate. Graduate from kindergarten. It is pretty weird to see kids who in real ages are only six wearing mortarboards and gowns - they do appear much older than usual, as I associate the image of the graduate with somebody in their twenties.

Aside from that it wasn't as odd as my own university graduation. We've been practising for the last month a play that the kids performed for their parents before they received their diplomas. My homeroom Cambridge class did a piece of drama called Sleeping Ugly, a bastardisation of Sleeping Beauty where the princess is a bitch and the prince falls for the 'not so beautiful' normal girl. I chose the play for the sole reason of casting Eunice in the mean princess role, and she was awesome, she blew them away. She has a future on the stage that one. Despite the rehearsals being at times chaotic the play went down OK. Eunice even slipped over at the start but recovered remarkably well. Plus, though I only saw the one play the general consensus is that they did better than the other class of seven year old students, so in your face Cambridge 2!

So, they graduated last Saturday and we've had the last week of study. The majority, though, will be coming back for afternoon classes in March. Of the graduation kids I've been teaching my guys in Cambridge 1 fifteen times a week, and the other classes either daily or thrice weekly so yeah, I'm going to miss them, a lot. Tributes and endless albums of photos to come...

My guys receive their diplomas... so proud

Sarah, on the left, decided to quit ECC after graduation... with one week left.

Sarah again

Left to right: Jack and Paulie (Fairies), Eunice (Princess Misarella), Eric (the Handsome Prince), Jasmine (Jane), Sarah and Nathan (Narrators)

Jasmine, playing herself, becomes friends with the prince

Dylan the goat from Cambridge 2 class

Noah the goat, was however the cutest thing I've ever seen

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