Saturday, 13 June 2009

Sweet, sweet, unobtainable western food

Korean food is good. I like a regular daeji galbi, kimbaps are healthy fastfood options, hell, I've even discovered that over the course of the year I've developed a taste for kimchi. Fifty weeks ago even the smell made me queasy; now, in moderation, I find it delicious. Oh yeah, and that's right: fifty weeks down. Two more to go.

But today I'm talking food. Sweet, sweet, unobtainable western food. There's a Kurt Vonnegut short story about three POWs working on clearing rubble in a bombed German city who discuss nothing but what they're going to eat as soon as they get home - they have notebooks filled with recipes and sketches and lists of their favourite meals. This is me in Korea. Here's my list, as I dream of the impending two months of gluttony.

1. Roast dinner. Meat unspecified, would favour beef joint.
2. Large, crusty, fresh baguette filled with bacon, real cheese and HP sauce.
3. A shepherds pie.
4. Lasagne/Spag bol.
5. A cassarole replete with big chunks of beef, carrots, potatoes, and suet dumplings.
6. Another roast dinner.
7. A real English curry. Indian food is gettable here but there's no subsitute for the real thing.
8. Nice, oily tuna, on fresh pasta, with feta cheese, coarse black pepper and lots of vinegar.
9. A ham and Branston's pickle sandwich.
10. My personal culinary pièce de résistance (the one thing I can cook that might actually impress people): hunks of chicken breast topped with goats' cheese and basil, wrapped in prosciutto ham and lightly browned in the oven. With CHIPS.

Take note, mother!!

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