Wednesday, 30 July 2008


I've been on holiday since Friday. Technically I had 4 lessons on Monday afternoon but they consisted mainly of oral tests and hangman. I haven't done a great deal in my time off. More Noraebang, a spot of bingeing, and I had some soup. Oh and I moved out. I'd been in the old place for a month, and as is an ECC tradition, I move into the room of the departing teacher. It's bigger, the air con is better, the shower is better, I have (free?) cable TV and my commute to school is slashed by about ninety seconds. However, it's a bit noisier, there are no hobs, only hot plates, and no drawers. No drawers! My cutlery is just lying all over the place. I'll post pictures when I've unpacked and tidied up a bit.

Here, meanwhile, is my view. The other side of the building to my last place. The happening side.

And look! We had sun yesterday! Awesome. OK. I'm going exploring now.

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