Sunday, 6 July 2008

Love motel

My first two nights in Seoul were spent in the odd but quite comfortable Four Seasons motel in Suyu. When I got there I was given a brick of a keyring with no key attached. The reception man knew no English, but my manager Miriam told me I didn't need a key. After Miriam had left it took several animatedly gesticulated explanations to convince them that I needed to lock my door.

The ceiling was adorned with a space scene, and there were glow in the dark paintings of landscapes in the hallway. Still the aircon was amazing and I had a 42 inch plasma tv. Jetlagged, I didn't sleep well, and with 100 channels of people I couldn't understand advertising things and partaking in odd gameshows (and having sex) I spent most of the early hours glazed-eyesedly channel flicking. Eyesedly? I did manage to find the Euro 2008 final at quarter to 4, so it wasn't all bad. Finally got to sleep at around 6, and was up at 8 to go to school. Mmmm.

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Angie Jay said...

Hi Michael,

Just thought I would let you know that we have all been reading your blog in the bordereau team. Makes interesting reading !

Hope you are OK and please take care

Lots of Love
Your lovely friends from the bordereau team