Tuesday, 7 October 2008


I used to hate having my hair cut. Back home, I went as rarely as possible: it was overpriced, I had to sit and look at myself for half an hour, and I generally didn't get it how I wanted it. Also, the main drawback, I had to talk to a hairdresser.

In Korea, while I still have a big mirror placed inescapably in front of me, the fact that it's half the price of in Ipswich is a bonus, but having my own personal stylist who always makes my hair look good and doesn't speak a word of English means I'm now having my locks trimmed every four weeks. Included in the W14000 (£7) price are not one but two hairwashes, the second incorporating a ridiculously relaxing head massage. The head massage makes me consider going more frequently.

Talking of follicles, just before the trip to Juno Hair I shaved my four-week beard. I'd grown quite attached to it, as I tend to with facial hair, and was weeping as I hacked it off, though that may have been down to the blunt razor I used. My kids were unsettlingly obsessed with it, and demanded that they feel it on a regular basis. That was just weird, so it had to go.

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