Sunday, 5 October 2008


Tonight, we went to see some fireworks. The fireworks were OK, though I was, as I am with all pyrotechnics, struck by the expensive ephemerality of it all. Bang bang bang. Blah.

It was quite pretty though.

Then, as a result of proximity, we went to Itaewon, which was for some reason nastier than usual. It's never the sort of place you'd take your mum after dark, but tonight there was an unhealthy abundance of cocks. A few minutes after arriving we witnessed a fight involving sticks, head stamping and a man repeatedly headbutting a glass facade until it cracked. Everywhere was uncomfortably busy, and busy not only with your usual revellers, but with unending conglomerations of cocks. Also, I ordered a sandwich with no tomato, and they put tomato in it. Cocks.

This post is rather negative. I'll try to balance out the next one with some ridiculously fun stuff, with which my life in Korea is generally more inclined.

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