Thursday, 21 August 2008


I was all alone in the staff room on my lunch break today when two Korean teachers came in and told me they needed my help. They asked me whether I was good with animals. Perplexed, I was led to the boys bathroom where a stray cat was hiding under the sink, scowling at all who dared approach. OK, so we had to get it out, but the first thing that I had to ask was how... HOW it got there. We're on the top floor of a seven storey building. Six floors in English money. The only ways up are by lift, which would've necessitated someone working on the same floor as me pressing the button for the top floor and sharing the small space with the mangy feline, which didn't happen, or the stairs. Can you imagine a cat climbing seven flights of stairs? Err. Mysterious.

So, the attempted removal. I will make clear now that I hate cats. I don't trust them, with their accusing eyes and constant licking. I made it clear that if I had to grab it and it scratched me, even a bit, I wasn't to be blamed if it was defenestrated. This one didn't trust me either, especially when the failed attempts to coax it out resulted in my suggestion to spray it with water. I thought it would run out of the door when hit with the cold shower. It didn't though. It only enmeshed itself in the pipes under the sink and made it clear it wasn't going to move. So, after more and more people attempted to speak to it and/or prod it with sticks, the door was locked and this deterrent sign applied: Which is just awesome. And incidentally, it wasn't 'a big cat.' It was a cat-sized cat. That sign implied it was a cougar.

What I described above happened at noon. When I left at 6 the cat was in the same inextricable position in the pipes. Ow. I'll bring you cat updates through the night if necessary. Unless it disappears first, or dies. It'll probably die.

Is there a KSPCA?

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