Sunday, 31 August 2008

Math(s), pyjamas, stabbings, Snikcers

Now. This video may make me look like a bad teacher. I'm not, really. But I do find this kid hilarious. I used to teach maths every Tuesday and Thursday with my kindergarten (technically I don't now because my schedule changes from Tuesday). And I say teach, I mean I give them books and they generally get on with it. When they need help though I'll help them, and this guy needs lots of help. This was a pretty simple problem, so I wanted him to get it without any help. He got the previous answer without much trouble. This is his attempt to work out eight plus five.

If you want to know what else has happened, read on. On Friday we had the annual summer pyjama day. Pyjama day is a day, well, a morning, when everyone wears pyjamas and plays games and stuff. I mean in our school, not the whole of Korea. It was quite fun, if a tiny bit weird. Not as weird as the birthday celebrations the school puts on though. I'll talk about them whenever we have the next one. This was a game.The girl with the balloon on the left is Jasmine. She's one of my favourite students because she appears to be stoned out of her tree 24/7. High as a kite. Last week another girl got angry at something, and apparently unimpressed with Jasmine's imperturbably chilled out nature, attacked her with a pencil. Missed her eye by about half a centimetre and left a clear graphite mark. Was Jasmine bothered? Was she balls. Having dealt with the offender I asked Jas if she was OK, and was met with a nonchalent smile and a wistful 'mmmmmmm', and she got on with whatever she was doing. If only they were all like that. Hmm. Oh yeah, right at the end of that video, that's Jasmine saying 'I love you!" presumably to her own hands.

The kid on the right is Noah, who, to quote a colleague, is "a total badass who's already cooler than I'll ever be" and he's probably spot on. He's already a hit with the ladies, and his shirts are just awesome.

And finally, this is the greatest pencil case ever. :D

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