Saturday, 2 August 2008


Now, I'm no chef, but in my old apartment I often rustled up ricey-seaweedy-tuna stuff with a hot sauce from a bottle, and really enjoyed it. In my new place, however, I have hot plates that don't even reach the temperature required to boil water in a pan. Which is annoying.

Food is readily available on the high street though. A roll of kimbap is a pound, or go into any convenience store and for about 35p you can get a triangular prismic block of kimbap-type stuff. I usually get the latter for lunch when I'm at school. In fact here's a photo of my typical lunch.
There's a place that does beautiful bagels down the road, and if you're really in a hurry, street vendors are ubiquitous - you just point at what you want, and hope it's edible. Once I ordered a lightly battered sausage on a stick, and the ajuma asked me if I wanted it with ketchup... or sugar. Er.

My favourite place in the world, though, is Little Jakob's. I live directly above it here, and can get there in about 45 seconds if I jog. They sell chicken and ham sandwiches full of chicken and ham, and fresh lettuce and mustard. And it is good. I had one today.There it is. Half of it.

Yesterday, Sean and I went to Dongdaemun and had food in the large food thing on the top floor of the Doota mall. You order your meal at a till in the middle of the room from a choice of seven menus from seven separate kitchens: western, Korean, western, Korean, western, Korean or Japanese. I chose Korean. So I took my ticket to the relevant kitchen to pick up my meal: a hot plate with a big pile of rice and spicy cheesey kimchi stuff with pieces of octopus in there, side dishes of kimchi, something else and seaweed soup. This cost £2.75. I was happy.

Can't really do kimchi on its own, cold, but hot, with stuff, it's much better. Well, I can eat it without gagging anyway.

Going for something more adventurous tonight. Let's see how that goes.

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