Sunday, 24 August 2008


The cat got out. A man came to get it. Hmm.

This weekend has involved lots of drinking. Today I woke up at 5pm. On Friday I stripped. A bit. There were 159 photos on my camera from Saturday night. 159. About 130 of them were shit. There are photos on facebook - I don't have to post them here.

I said I got up at 5pm today. Well I went to bed at around 7.30 am. Itaewon does that to you. Would have been home earlier, only our cowboy taxi driver decided to take us on scenic tour of Seoul. Check the map. Considering that we live in north-east Nowon-gu, imagine our confusion to see a sign for somewhere in southern Yeongdeungpo-gu. Or rather imagine the confusion of the girl who's been here six months. Imagine my obliviousness. We had been out in Yongsan-gu.
So, we got a different taxi home. Here are some photos of the journey.

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